Leads and sales are the life line for all businesses both online and offline.  With out the leads sales are hard to come by an with out the sales – well there really is no business.

I have put together this guide to help provide your company with a process to get more leads and sales.

The First Step

You want to take when someone visits your website is to get a conversion and this doesn’t necessarily mean for them to buy something.  

Definition of conversion – getting someone to do what you want them to do – for example if you have an advertisement or link that says something like click here to opt in – or click to get your free pdf – when the visitor performs the action you want them to – that would be considered a conversion

The main conversions you are looking for to start your relationship with a potential client is to get them to join your email list or ideally get them to buy something. Those are the two main “conversions” you are looking for

To get the conversion process started (in most cases) you need to provide something of value to the visitor in exchange for them to give you their email.  This can be called a bribe, lead magnet, tripwire etc.  Show them you have something that will help them to entice them.

To get this process going you will need a landing page – the landing page is designed for one thing and one thing only  – that one thing could be to join email list – or to buy a specific item or to have them join a webinar.  Don’t clutter the Landing page with multiple things.  Make sure it focuses on the one thing you are trying to get them to do.

To get them to do the one thing – You have to provide value / give something away in order to get them to do what you want.

Examples of giveaways for your landing pages

  • Give away first chapter of your book
  • A discount code or coupon
  • Resource guide
  • How to guide
  • Mini email course

With any kind of business – a resource guide or checklist can be great – a list of tools or resources you use to help them with a specific problem

The Example below is of a Leadbox which is one of Leadpages highest converting Leadboxes.

Once they click “Download The Report” – they will get an opt in box for name and email – something that looks like this:

Once they submit or click the button they will get emailed whatever it is you promised them – if its a resources guide it will look like the below image.  Resource guides are very easy to create, don’t take a ton of time and according to Leadpages – they test better than a mini video course or e-book.


If you have a website or are blogging another option to get optins are with something that is called a “content upgrade”

A content upgrade or in post optin are optins buttons that show inside your content – that are related to the blog post.  

So you would take your blog posts that are getting the most traffic and provide a pdf, checklist, worksheet, recipe, resource list – or even just a downloadable pdf of the exact blog post they are reading.  

The key to this is to have the free item you are giving away to match up closely to the article they are on your site reading.  Have different optins that relate to the different topics in your blog post.

And a good tip here is to make the optin – not be your standard optin where they enter the email right on the same page – but instead have it be a link that says click here to get your free resource guide on (item related to blog post).  Then once that is clicked they are provided with the optin box where they put their email and name – this has show to convert at a way higher rate.

After they put in their email and hit submit/subscribe/send me my resource guide – they are then sent to a Thank You Page.

Step Two is the Thank You Page

With the thank you page – the standard thing that most people do (which is the wrong way)  is send the visitor to a page that says something like – thank you – please check your email box to get whatever is that was promised.  

With this way basically they have opted in to your website – and now the transaction is over for the time being.  You have sent them away with the thank you page.

Instead of sending them away – you have a couple of alternative options.


  • Option 1 – You can try to generate more traffic to your page


      • To do this you would say something like “Thank you!  Your PDF is on the way!  While you wait for it to get to your email box – why not help a friend or two by sharing the same PDF with them by clicking the boxes below.  And at the bottom of the optin provide buttons for Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Option 2 – You can advertise a related product
    • So for example if the optin was to get a free camping checklist – after they give you their information you should send them to a thank you page that says something like
      • “Thank you!  Your Camping Checklist is on the way!  While you wait for it to get to your email box Check out the video below that shows this cool waterproof lighter that saved the day on our last camping trip when we got caught in the rain.  (then show a video of a waterproof lighter with a link to purchase)

Now we are at Step 3 – We have a new subscriber and now its time to Setup the follow up Campaign

  • Every business can have multiple ways to set this up – but a good starting point would go something like this
    • Email 1: Thanks for downloading your “lead magnet” (whatever they opted in for in step 1)  and welcome them.
      • Then at the end of the email – leave them with a PS teaser like:
        • Ps – tomorrow I am going to answer the number 1 question I get asked about ….
    • Email 2: (send this email 1 to 3 days after email 1) – This email should be directed at the  #1 biggest objection people have to purchasing your product or service, and if you dont know what that is at this point – you can try something in this email and then later go back and change it as you find out what the objection is.
    • Email 3: Gives a case study or example of how your product or service improves your customers lives
      • If no case study you can give a story such as
        • What life is like before the person has your product compared to what life is like after getting your product
    • Email 4: Invites them to purchase your product – Send them to a direct sales page
      • This doesn’t have to be aggressive or pitchy – You can say something like this:
        • At this point you should know if this “product” is right for your – if it’s not I totally understand and thank you so much for checking it out  – maybe sometime in the future it will be a good fit.   But if it is right for you there has never been a better time to get the “product” because … so grab the product now and let’s start working ..

The email process can be automated with many different autoresponders – Drip has these templates built in which makes it much easier – to make some quick edits – then you are ready to go.

Step 4 Create Sales Page

    • Keys for a great sales page
      • Proof of the benefits
        • Testimonials are great for this
        • If no testimonials yet show example of the benefits
      • Reducing the barriers of purchasing
        • Money back guarantee
          • Trust your product
          • On avg for everyone that gets refund you will get 4 new buyers because of the guarantee
      • Have a Clear Call to action
      • Offer a Strong Value proposition
      • Leadpages has great converting sales pages that are proven to work and are easy to build

Step 5: The last step after the funnel has been created –  Getting Traffic

    • If you have time but not a lot of money to buy traffic you have a few options
      • Seo which is a longer term option but a good one to get started with either way since overtime you can start getting more “free” traffic.
      • Guest posting – these can be really good and get you quick traffic if you find a related blog with an author looking for good content.
      • Sharing on social media
      • Or at speaking events
    • If you have Money to spend – below are some good options to get you traffic right away and validate your funnel.
      • Google ads
      • Paid traffic


  • Facebook ads – (This is what I recommend)


        • Start simple – 1 -2 ads
        • Optimize for conversion and slowly ramp up budget as you learn FB ads and see conversions working.  It can take FB a couple of days to find audiences the convert best – so the best bet is to keep the ad running for 2 days at minimum – if it’s converting – increase ad spend – if not – modify the ad and try again.

There you have it – Five steps to generation more leads and sales.  Hopefully this was helpful.  

This process can all be done manually with a little time and work (for a free option for leadpage / leadbox).  If you want though you can simplify and speed the process up a lot using Leadpages (there are other options out there as well – but to me Leadpages makes it very easy to implement (and you don’t even need a website – this is awesome especially when you are trying to quickly validate an idea)- they have easy to use and easy to edit forms for each step of the way listed above.