Who is the person behind your Facebook viral marketing –


Your reader and the Facebook platform are!


Its your job to make the reader happy and Facebook happy. You need to make the readers look good and feel good and if the reader is happy they will read, share and like and this in turn makes facebook happy and if Facebook is happy – they will send you more traffic.


Call your facebook group a community – treat your page like a community – help your readers with what they want – they will buy stuff from you if you make them feel like they are part of your community.


If you are a store you can still create your store like a community.


Example of how to sell a product – Find what your community is wanting – give them some good content related to what they want – then provide a place for them to buy items related to that content.


Sell Ice Cream products at night time


Fishing niche – was trying to sell fishing Lures -no one was buying even after telling the readers how good the lures were .


So instead of continuing to do that he dug deep and found out what makes his readers happy and what they were interested in. He interviewed his readers asking what kind of fishing products they wanted.  Then he sold that fishing gear to them and they bought since he was able to provide them what they were looking for.


Amazon product example- preschool insperations – Amazon store Creative QT

Bean bag chair slip cover to put stuffed animals in.

Post had some text – saying this bean bag slip cover is Genius – Was able to clean up my daughters stuffed animals in no time – and it was comfortable – I was able to fit 91 stuffed animals inside.   -Then is showed a video of the stuffing – got 5 mil video views and sold out stock on amazon.  This took the rank from 2million plus to in the 7000’s

You can grow your audience – find what they want and then source the product or use a affilate link to sell it


You can split test popular posts – example Moms Fidget spinner (on my kids plate)- sold wine bottle openers and split test with a shirt that said Moms fidget spinner – shirt sold better

So you take a post that is getting a lot of traffic and see that you have this many views right now – and link it to a specific product – and then record the sales and then change the product you link to and see what the results are compared to the first product.


How many times a day should you post on Facebook?

Rachel advices to post 2 to 4 times a day when you have under 25000 fans.  When you get close to 25000 you can post 6-10 times a day. When you get to 600,000 your can start posting every hour.


When you first start get your page with 6-9 good quality nice posts – no you have a good pretty page you start posting 2-4 times a day

Switch up your posts- start with photo -then do video then do a product post that you are driving traffic to and then a conversation starter.


Videos get a lot of likes – once a post gets a like you can then invite them to like your page.

Photos and videos get a lot of likes and comments but what gets most comments and likes is a status update.


For example – Hey guys who is dreading the first day of school that is coming up or who has students with IEP.  You are targeting and relating and making them feel good to get lots of likes and shares which Facebook likes – and the more engagement you get the more your next posts will get traffic sent to it.


Pro tip

Sign up to be an amazon affiliate if you are not already – then link to other sellers products on amazon as an affilate.  As an affiliate you should link to all sorts of products.

You can get a lot of amazon stats and see what people are buying and the other things they have in their shopping cart.  You can even get there emails and see what they have on wish list.  This is also a great way to do product research because you know what your customers are wanting.

As an amazon affiliate you can go into your dashboard and see all the items they purchased.


Posting Content

Do you post new content or

Tracking content posts

Will repost the same content 3 times wiht 3 different versions of the title and 3 different photos

One will go up at the 1st of the month 0 version 2 will go up at the 10th of the month and version 3 will go up at 30th


Tips to make them happy


  • Optimize your images – sqaure images that take up the most space – 700x700
  • Dont just link to a product on amazon – it brings up a white background and a wierd link.
  • Upload photo with cool titles
  • Viral is not Random luck
    • There is a formula
      • EMotion word + You + Result + Image Hook
        • Example
          • 13 reasons why your handkerchief will dry every tear
          • 11 way your business cards will be amazing
  • Do not redirect your links if you are linking to your amazon product
  • Have a single call to action per post
  • Add keywords to your posts can be indexed
  • Go native – use facebooks scheduler
  • Be Consistent and Frequent

Rachel’s Process to finding content

  • Find somone with a video – save the video
  • Write the person asking if you can download the video and share it on facebook
    • Ex – video of kid in car seat doing something – and you want to sell video – say cute kid – do you mind if I download and share your video with my audience
    • Always get permission –
  • Find video something that has shares and views  – do search at top of facebook of item related to what you want to sell  – click videos- look for something related –
  • Click on video – right hand corner right click on the date –   copy link address
  • Go to page you want to share on – and you can schedule or share now
  • Or create a Crossposing relationship with the people who have the popular videos and ask them if they crosspost – and you can then share the actual video that tends to get more reach
    • Private message them – Hi – do you do cross posting or let other websites share your video and share them?
    • Alot of times they will let you share
  • Disclose affiliate relationship – When you click through this link I get compensated for this and it helps me keep up with my coffee addiction and buy a cup of coffe (try not to say affiliate facebook doesnt like it as much)


Better to boost or use power editor?

Couple ways to advertise from your page


First You can Promote – by clicking the promote button on the lower left side of page – which Rachel advises against unless you have an established page with lots of engagement because you will just get more of the audience you already have – not new audience


Second You can Boost a post – which she also advises against because it can “Cannibalize” your audience.  If you Boost – it will show to your own people and show Facebook you are willing to spend money for views and they will potentially not send organic traffic your way anymore


And 3rd and best option is to go to Ads Manager and Create an ad.  Inside ad manager go to engagement – and pick a post – give it a name – always doing engagement because we dont care about conversions in this instance.


Side note – you dont want to use the Awareness section – Brand awareness and Reach – you will get more views for less money but these are not the people you want – you want people that are more engaged.  


Create new audience or use saved one – Age always start at 25 under 25 tends to not have money and up to 55 since over 55 generally tend to not be online.  Next Find your target audience and then complete the add

Growing a New Facebook Page

Example sisterhood of lula


Start by creating what Rachel calls a “bumper sticker” – what people first see your content – forming your first opinion when they see your page – cover / profile and name should be about what you want your community to be about.


With the initial content you are adding posts, videos, memes and pictures by following the steps above – doing facebook searches and looking for viral content.  


So even though these are from someone elses page and you boos the post – Facebook sees you as the one that is viral and likes that


You can start doing affiliate links right at the begining but best to only do it every 4th post.  This way you are training visitors on what you want them to do.


Once you have the page ready – you can spend $2 dollars on 6 different types of content.  You do this as a test to find out what your readers like.  Then once they like anything on your page – you invite them to like your page so you can grow your audience.


So in summary your goal is to post other peoples content and grow your community.  Your page shouldn’t be about your store or your product.  You are building a community.  Then later you can sell what the customers want.


Requesting to crosspost

From facebook page – go to settings  – look on left hand side for Crossposting.  Click on that.  From there you can Add Page.  Enter the page you want to request to crosspost with.  The notification will go to that page owner and then you will wait for their response.


If they agree to crosspost you will be able to see that by clicking the Publishing Tools link on the Facebook Menu up at the top of the page.  Then on the left hand side you can click Videos You Can Crosspost – click on that.