Have any of you guys heard of Presscable by Chris Munch and maybe Jay Cruiz (not sure if he is part of Presscable or not but I think he is a partner with Chris Munch?  My guess is about 25% of you have seen something in your emails from him at some point in time.

Anyway I have seen a lot from them over the years promoting their product called Presscable which is a press release distribution company. These press releases are used for high quality backlinks to your site.  The claims are that these are high quality backlinks which are supposed to drive your site up the google rankings.  They are also supposed to get the actual press release that has your info and link in it to show up in the searches.  

Potentially you could have multiple spots on the front page with this method. This method is for quick rankings in low volume searches such as local cities with smaller populations.

In the webinars I have seen they use an example of “golf injury slough” which is a low volume search term but has produced great results for a local physio in the Slough area all from a press release by press cable.  

As of this writing If you go do the google search “golf injury slough” you will see a bunch of results that are all press releases from press cable.

I have always been curious of how strong the backlinks and press releases actually are.

And recently I was offered a $1 trial for 7 days.  Which I thought included a press cable release and training – turns out it only included the training and the ability to create your press release – when I went to submit I was told I didn’t have enough credits.

Which then took me to a page where I could buy credits.  I was offered different prices – and at the time of the writing – there were one time credits and monthly discounted credits.  Since it was during a promotion the prices maybe lower than at the time you are reading this.

Here were the options when I went through the steps:

For this test I went with the $47 option.  I still have 10 days so if this works I may be convinced to pick up a few more credits or go with the subscriptions.  We will see.

For this case study I decided to use it on one of my clients that is in the Farm Table Rental Service business in the San Diego area.  This is a local service with low volume searches which is one of the things at presscable theys say is ideal for this.

I went through the process of filling out the Presscable Press release “Write PR from Template” option to see what it took to put out a good press release

After clicking Next – You select the type of business template drop down.  You will want to select the option that is the closest fit to your service or product or if you are doing this for a customer you will want to pick the closest thing to their service.

Below screenshots show all the options you can choose from:

I chose New Service and then you are presented with a sub template to select from which I selected celebrate launch in Local market

Enter Event info and click next

While filling in each box there is a prompt that gives some examples of items you can enter in and it will say Finish The Sentence in this example – screenshot is kind of hard to read – but it says Our business will celebrate the launch by ..

After filling this info – click next and you will get some more fields to fill in as the form walks you through the process

After filling the info in on this section and clicking next you will be brought to the final screen that will show what the press release looks like in paragraph format – you are able to edit as needed to make it look more like what you want – you can also add a logo and a picture here so that will show up in the press releases.  Below is just an example of the output – After I submitted the original one – there was no way to view or edit it again as far as I could tell – So I had to recreate it to document the process so I went through it quickly taking most defaults etc.

You will also want to add your links in the content section back to your site or videos etc – these will be your backlinks once press release is published.

Then when you are happy with the formating and text – either save draft or click Publish PR. (this is where I was told I didnt have enough credits when I clicked publish).  

So assuming you have enough credits – you will now be able to see your Press release in pending format.

Rankings Before Presscable submitted are shown below with a tool I use called SERPStat.com and plain ol Google

And Google search results screenshot listed below:

So as of this writing the main search term looking to get moved up in the rankings is Farm Table Rentals San Diego which currently is in stop 15.  The goal is to get this on page 1 or to get the press release on page 1.  Results still to come …..