Below I want to show you some key information on the Unbounce vs Clickfunnels comparison for 2017.

But First – Since the main focus of both software is the landing page – so to start let me start with describing the landing page.

What is a landing page?

It is a specific page for any promotion, pay per click campaign (ppc) or direct traffic you are using online.

This page should be unique to whatever ad you are using to drive the traffic and it is usually connected to a specific product service or promotion you are running.

The landing page is much different than the home page. Home pages are still necessary for your business and branding – but the home pages has many goals (to show what you are about, to provide pricing plans etc) where as landing pages should only have 1 targeted goal. That is specific to a product or promotion

Since the landing page has only 1 specific goal there should be no other internal or external links. There should only be one thing for the visitor to do and that is to click the button you are trying to get the customer to take action on.

Now that the landing page has been described let’s move on to the unbounce vs clickfunnels details.


Clickfunnel vs

I want to start with Clickfunnels and show you the key features and benefits – and then show how unbounce compares. If you want to skip down to unbounce click here and you will be taken lower to the unbounce section.

Clickfunnels was created by Russell Brunson and its main goal is to provide marketing funnels. Its more than just another landing page software. The other competitors do have funnel options but for most of them they are mainly for creating the landing page.

The take on it all is that a company’s website can be large with a lot going on. The homepage can distract a potential customer with so many options and clickable links to chose from.

And if you were to create an ad or a promotion and direct a potential customer to your home page they could get confused, lost or distracted and your end goal would not be achieved.

If instead you created a niched down targeted version of your website with a “Clickfunnel” you can create and add or promotion and specifically target your audience and send them to a highly targeted page that is more likely to convert that visitor into a customer.

Let’s take a look at the ease of creating a new sales funnel within the clickfunnel dashboard.

Clickfunnels Lead Capture Funnel creation

There are multiple funnel options in the console to choose from – Optin Lead Capture, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel, Auto Webinar Funnel, Membership Funnel, Launch Funnel, and Custom Funnel – but in this article we will discuss the Optin lead capture funnel which I think is most similar to the Unbounce landing page discussed in the Unbounce section.

So lets go over how easy it is for the Optin lead capture.

clickfunnel optin lead capture funnel

***Pro Tip – set up your autoresponder first – in the My Account section – this can be done later in the funnel setup but its much easier to take care of it at the start before getting into the funnel creation**

After your email auto responder is done

Start off at the above screenshot and select the Optin Lead Capture funnel option and then you will select Create Funnel – Then you will Name your funnel.

After that you are brought to the different templates you can choose from. Select your template

The basic optin is a two page optin (the optin and the thank you page) – you can add more pages if you would like simply by clicking the Add new page button. For now we will just keep the defaults.

After you select the template you will want to edit it to your offer. Do this by clicking the Open in Editor button.

Clickfunnel Templates

From the editor – everything is super easy to change to match your offer. Just move your mouse to the section you want to edit it and click on it and then start typing away to whatever you want your optin page to say.

Same thing if you want to add your youtube video – you would click the section to edit and then an edit box opens on the right where you can paste your video embed. And just like that your video is now showing in the optin page.

You can easily change the button colors or the text colors the same way – just click the section and make the changes in the sidebar editor.

You can add SEO settings with Page Titles and Meta Descriptions which will help get your landing page found within google.

Then after you Optin page is done you would click on the Thank You page tab on the left hand side of the editor page. You would then go through and edit the exact same way.

All the editing is done very easily with a couple of clicks and points. No developer or techie skills needed.

After that you are all set and your page is live and can begin to take on traffic.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plan

The 2 Plans

Startup plan is $97 per month and you have access to 20 pre-made Funnels and can create up to 100 pages with 3 custom domains.
Enterprise plans is $297 per month and you get access to 70 funnels and can create up to 300 pages with 20 custom domains

Clickfunnels Free trial

Clickfunnels offers a 14 day free trial. First you will be asked to create your account with your name / email / phone number – then you will submit and you will then have to enter your credit card info. And after that you will have full access to the platform for 14 days. You will not be charged until the 14 days is up or if you cancel before those 14 days. This trial period is plenty of time to set up your account and start creating landing pages in no time.

Clickfunnels pricing plan

Video below is an example of Russell Brunson going through the steps of creating the Optin funnel.

unbounce vs

Unbounce vs

With Unbounce you can create and optimize great landing pages with ease and no developers.

Absolutely no coding is required which will prevent the cost of hiring Techies to use the software. Simple drag and drop editing interface with over 100 templates to choose from.

Great for any project or product you want to test out quickly. You are also able to split tests with a couple clicks of the button.

Landing pages can be hosted or published to your wordpress site. You can also set them up on google analytics very easily.

Unbounce convertables (new feature) – these are overlays that you can have triggered to pop up at different times – for example when someone has scrolled down your page a certain amount you have it triggered to show up.

Let’s take a look at the main unbounce page creation page.

Unbounce Page Creation

unbounce page creation

You start by clicking Create New Page – this will present you with the over 100 templates to chose from.

From there select one of the templates and give it a name and click get started – this will open up the Unbounce builder.

As mentioned earlier – this is a drag and drop builder – double click the section you want to edit and start typing in the new text or change the font – or add image by clicking the image button. Or dragging an icon over onto the screen such as the image icon – then you can add your own image or use the 1900 unbounce images they provide.

unbounce editor

you can add your own videos or add youtube videos with a simple drag and drop

You can also easily add an optin lightbox (meaning if they click on the button the optin form displays) – how you ask? Drag and drop of course. This will add a new tab that you can click on and edit as needed.

When they fill out the form they will be redirected to a page you chose – this also can be configured easily with another tab.

Another cool feature is you can use copy and paste of items within the same page or copy on one page and paste to another page.

As far as basic SEO using the page properties tab – you are able to add titles and metadata to your landing page which will help with google knowing more about your page and getting you some ranking factors.

And for the most important aspect of the landing page you are able to set your goals. These goals will be tracked in the admin console page

Unbounce offers 3 Plans build monthly or annually (with annual plans your pay 1 time per year for the full year and you get a discount) –

Unbounce Pricing Plans
The 3 plans
Enterprise Plan – 399 per month billed annually or 499 per month billed monthly – with this plan you get 375 landing pages 40 overlays plus a launch specialist and success manager to help maximize your ROI

Premium Plan – 159 per month billed annually or 199 per month billed monthly – this pland doubles the essential packages landing pages and overlays so you get 150 with 16 overlays

Essential Plan – 79 per month billed annually or 99 per month billed monthly – this is for people new to landing pages and includes a great starter package – 75 landing pages and 8 overlays

unbounce plan comparison

Unbounce Free trial
Unbounce offers a free 30 day trial – you have to select a plan and fill out your credit card info but you won’t be billed until the 30 days is up or if you cancel ahead of time.


Overall review summary.

Both platforms are super easy to use.

Unbounce is very similar the WIX webpage design for those familiar with that. Easy drag and drop interface. I think the main focus on their platform is the landing page – setting up a funnel seems to be a little more cumbersome.
The starter package is a little cheaper if you decide to go with the annual option. If you chose the monthly option the price is the same. Unbounce does offer a intermediate package unlike Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels main focus is the Funnel as you can tell from the name. You can get the landing page feature like you can with Ubounce – but I think the funnel is key to grow your business. Using tested templates they provide is a huge bonus. You can set up a funnel within minutes. The editor interface is very straight forward – I think compared to the unbounce the editor might be a little better on clickfunnels. The pricing is just about the same.

The winner in my opinion is ……..

clickfunnels vs Unbounce - winner Clickfunnels

There are just so many options to chose from to grow your business quickly when you go with Clickfunnels

Please feel free to send me any questions and I will directly respond to you.