WordPress Backups

Everyone knows they need to backup there wordpress websites – but how many of you can honestly say you have actually gone ahead and set it up for backups?

If you think your hosting account will take care of this for you – it can be hit and miss.  Sometimes they will sometimes they won’t.  They really have no vested interest in running the backups for your wordpress site.  

They are mainly concerned that the servers your website is running on is up and stable.  

They will tell you that is is your responsibility to backup wordpress.

There are many things that can bring your site down and require a restore from backup – such as a hacker getting access to your account or if you install a plugin that might not be compatible with another plugin.  

Because of these different random things that can happen out of your control you should be able to rely on a site backup so you can restore it from your last known working backup.

All of this can sound like a daunting task – but rest assured it is a lot easier than you think.  As Apple says There is an App for that – but in this case – There is a Plugin for that!

Below are some good recommended plugins to help you with your backups.  Most of these are very similar in their capability – the user interface will be a little different and the premium versions will have some different features.



    • is a cool free backup plugin that you can install and use right away.  The plugin will create a full  backup and you can choose where in the cloud you want the backup to go such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox. Or you can download it to your computer or have it emailed.
    • This plugin is super easy to setup and use and you can schedule it to backup at your preferred times.  Restoring a backup is also very easy to do through the console
    • BackUpWordPress also has a pro version that gives you priority support and allows you to backup to google drive.  It also comes with other features you can check out that the free version doesn’t come with.


  • Backup Buddy is also a great backup plugin and is also one of the more popular and downloaded one out there.
  • With this plugin from iTHemes you can easily schedule backups to less busy times of the day.  It will run the backup and download it to your cloud storage of choice.  You can also download to your computer if you prefer.
  • It can also be set up to run backups after any changes are made to your site.  


  • This is a backup plugin that works with Jetpack.  It requires a JetPack subscription plan in order to use and has different pricing options to choose from.  The lowest price option is as low as 3.50 a month.
  • With the $3.50 price per month you get backups that run in real time automatically and get stored to the cloud and restores are very easy with a few clicks


  • This is another very popular plugin that gets downloaded a ton.
  • With this backup it is not technically a full backup it only backs up the wordpress Database and not the wordpress install.  So to restore you would restore your database and then your other media files.
  • This plugin works if you don’t make a lot of changes normally on your site.

Snapshot Pro

  • This is one of the easiest plugins to use in my opinion plus you get 10 gigabytes of cloud storage included.  However you have to have a wpmudev membership. (you can get a 30 day free trial)
  • WIth this backup plugin you can choose the files you want to include or exclude in the backups.  You can schedule it to backup daily, weekly or monthly and its super easy to back up and restore – one click!

Hopefully you will pick one of the above plugins and get your backups in place as soon as possible.  Losing a site you have spent a lot of time on is a killer loss.  It can cause emotional and monetary damage so trust me you don’t want to lose all your hard work due to an accident, or a hacking attack or for any other reason.

If any of this seems to daunting – contact me and I can help you with your backup solution.